Lower Swansea Valley Industrial Heritage Map

Swansea is rich in industrial heritage but it is easy to miss are there are no signs for any of the historic monuments in the valley. This interactive map was produced with the help of Swansea Community Boat Trust.

To help visitors to the valley understand its rich history, in 2010 Swansea Community Boat Trust (SCBT) produced a full colour foldable map and guide to the industrial heritage that can still be seen along the banks of the River Tawe in the Lower Swansea Valley. This interactive map is based on the River Tawe Navigation Heritage Trail.

You can explore the map below by:

  • clicking on a feature to find out what it is 
  • panning around by right-clicking and holding until you see the hand symbol or using the arrows →
  • zooming in and out by clicking on the + and - buttons 
  • viewing it as a line-drawn map by clickng on Map
  • downloading and importing the KML file into Google Earth (KML, 53KB)


View Industrial Heritage in the Lower Swansea Valley in a larger map

Swansea Community Boat Trust

The Community Boat arriving in Swansea, December 2010 (Ivor Williams)The Global and Local Worlds of Welsh Copper Project has been working with SCBT to help provide information and assistance on interpreting the industrial heritage of the valley when the boat trips start running.

Widening the horizons of disabled children and young people

SCBT aims to be both a new leisure venue and a floating classroom which will take people up the river to view and understand the unique industrial and natural heritage of the Lower Swansea Valley.

In June 2011 the project provided a temporary display for the boat on the Lower Swansea Valley Project during the South Wales Boat Show.

Download River Tawe Navigation Heritage Trail by Swansea Community Boat Trust

SCBT needs you!

If you like the trail, please consider supporting SCBT by joining, volunteering and helping to fundraise.