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The Welsh Video Network is at the forefront of multimedia conferencing technology. The WVN support team is involved in development in a number of areas to improve the WVN videoconferencing experience.

Members of the Team are currently working on the following projects:

   IP Videoconferencing

To enable the Welsh Video Network to run over Internet Protocols (IP), using the same connections to JANET and the Internet as are used for the web, email, etc.

   Welsh Translation Pilot

To enable individuals within participating studios to hear simultaneous translations of the videoconference that they are attending. 

   IP Premium QoS Trials

To ensure that the audio and video streams between studios are given priority over less time-sensitive data as they traverse the network, thus ensuring good quality conferencing even when the network is extremely busy. These trials are part of a QoS initiative co-ordinated by UKERNA, managers of the JANET network.

Members of the team have also contributed to the following related events and initiatives:

  H.323 Global Dialling Scheme

At the start of the WVN project, there was no standard internationally agreed H.323 dialling plan. There were a number of different dialling schemes - existing and proposed - but none that was in general use. A dialling plan brings ease-of-use (no IP addresses to dial) and allows communication between locations where there is only a numeric keypad. Of course it has to be commonly understood and used so that different parts of the world will inter-work seamlessly.

   UKERNA H.323 Architecture Group

Set up by UKERNA to define an H.323 (IP videoconferencing) service and provide a roadmap for the development of such a service. 

The team members are also involved in: 

  • Developing equipment monitoring tools and network monitoring tools, so that they can react quickly to any problems that may occur;
  • Refining, developing and testing the touchscreen interface to incorporate feedback from users;
  • Further developing the in-house help-desk database to ensure that fault reports and queries are handled quickly and professionally;
  • Assisting UKERNA with the procurement of IP videoconferencing equipment for the JANET backbone;
  • Close liaison with developers of other Internet based videoconferencing networks, to ensure that there is compatibility, inter-operability, and no re-inventing of the wheel!
  • Testing and trialing new versions of software used in the studios, and giving feedback to manufacturers based on the tests and users' experiences;
  • Training technical support personnel and teaching staff (with the JISC Regional Support Centre);
  • The core activity of giving technical support to studios and providing an office hours help-desk.
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